Helping Christians grow in grace.

Plan Your Visit

Come and experience the life-transforming power of Jesus Christ! We know that God blesses His people who regularly gather and worship Him, and we want you to experience that great blessing! The world is in desperate need of faithful Bible-teaching and believing churches, we invite you to come find your place and help us build a church that will offer the good news of Jesus to this lost and dying world. We invite you to come and experience Grace and the Life that comes with knowing and loving the Lord!


Location: We meet in the Bogart Community Center – 141 E Thompson St, Bogart, GA 30622


Sunday Mornings at 10:30 AM

What To Expect?

Singing: During our gathering, our worship team will lead us in a number of songs. A mix of new and old songs and hymns will be selected so that we can sing as one group to the Lord.

Prayer: Several prayers will be offered to God throughout our time together. We will ask for God’s blessing on our time together, we will ask for forgiveness of our sins, we will pray that we might be made more like Jesus, and we will pray for the Lord’s blessing on the lives of all who are in attendance. If you need prayer please let us know at the end of our service, our pastors and church leaders would be honored to pray with you.

Teaching: Central to worship is the preaching and hearing of God’s word. The Bible is God’s word to us that tells us who God is and what He has done. Every week the pastor will open up the Bible and preach directly from a passage in that Bible, explaining what it means and it’s implications for our lives. The central message of the Bible, the gospel of Jesus, will be proclaimed every week.

Giving: We give with joy because the Lord has given so generously to us. If you are visiting us please feel no pressure to give. Feel free to give as God leads you in the wooden box at the back of the auditorium.

Bible Reading: We love the Bible! God has been so kind to give us the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments and He filled them with rich truth. We read and preach the Scriptures in every worship service and encourage everyone to regularly read their own Bible.

What Should I Wear?

You are welcome to wear the clothes that you feel comfortable wearing. There is no dress code at Grace Life. We are concerned more about what is on the inside than what you wear. People will wear everything from T-shirts and blue jeans to suits and ties.

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I’ve Never Gone To Church Before!

Fantastic! We want you to know that you are welcome at Grace Life and we can’t wait to meet you! We promise that we will not call you out or embarrass you. We won’t make you wear a name tag, or stand, or raise your hand. We do want to meet you and we want you to meet our pastor. He cares for you and wants to say hello to you and encourage you.